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Charter Member & Founder, Darlene Goehringer, raised some awesome American Mulefoot pigs.

Working to preserve and promote the American Mulefoot Hog.


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From the Director's Desk

Membership Update and Membership Drive

2019 Membership Drive has begun!  Check out the details, including the 2019 Application.

In other good news:

     Our membership began in 2018 with decent numbers:  24 Breeder Members (current in dues), 1 Supporter, 1 Youth/Student Member.

     Currently we have 32 Breeder Members (current in 2018 dues), 2 Supporters and 2 Youth/Student Members.

    A lot of people like to analyze data with interesting charts and graphics ... I just would like to say: Well done, but we've only begun! 


     Thank you to our Breeder Members for supporting this great work on behalf of such a marvelous pig!  Thank you to our Supporters and readers of both our Facebook presence and website! 

     Special thanks to Nathan & Sadie, our Student/Youth members, and Elijah & Jesse, our 4H Registrants! You are the future of the American Mulefoot Hog and AMBA.   Contact us for any helps you may need in your show stall presentations!

Breeder Members still have time to  submit their dues by renewing today!

Remember, registration and transfer work can only be done for members in good standing (current in their dues).   AMBA office will only refer American Mulefoot Hog purchase inquiries to members in good standing, although we do guide folks to the Breeders Directory.  Please don't be part of the names culled from the Directory - we are here for you.

**Necessary change to USPS registration mailing:  $8.00, effective immediately.

Projects kicking off!

DNA Testing and Diversity within our herds is important.  

Once you identify a great line, does it make logistical sense to ship the boar or sow from farm to farm, from one coast to the other?  If we were talking about a material thing, sure.  Postage or shipping and handling is much cheaper than trucking a two pound package across regional bounds.  

Adult American Mulefoot Hogs, whether boars or sows, weigh a little more than that two pound package, and won't fit in the USPS delivery jeep, much less the Priority Mail largest box!   Self-trucking costs not only time and money (expenses most smaller farms cannot afford on either end), but puts the animal at stress risk.  

Stress affects health in the long-term, including weight pick-up and fertility, as well as that unseen threat of viral or parasite contamination/cross-contamination.


ADDRESS Change/Update

"Mail Checks" address will now be accepted at:

AMBA Registry
PO Box 231
Wamego, KS  66547.  

Continue to make checks payable to AMBA or American Mulefoot Breeders Association, Inc.  

When mailing a check, be sure to complete and send a Work Sheet as well as any Applications necessary (Membership Application/Renewal and Registration Application).  Submit Original Certificates of Registry (AMBA Transfers) or Registration Certificates/Registration Applications (AMHA&R to AMBA Registration) with your payment.


Payment can be made via PayPal through your bank or credit/debit card on the website (Shop page), or by submitting credit card information on the Work Sheet via email or mail.


We saw a little interest in the sample AMBA ball cap, but not enough for us to commit to a quantity order.

AMBA is not a retail platform, but periodically offers items of interest to raise funds to get the DNA program off the ground.  

If anyone is interested in a ball cap, please email your interest & quantity to, subject line:  AMBA Cap

We will place an order after we receive a quote for that quantity.  You will know the cost before committing.

We will be working on bumper stickers and window/metal vinyl clings in the near future.

The first prototype cap was through a company in Buffalo New York, and has a photo on the Facebook page.  This cap was $18 including shipping.   We hope with a quantity order we can get those numbers down.

Promo Cups

There are still several nice insulated cups bearing the striking AMBA logo available.

These cups can be purchased for $20 through the website Shop page, or added to your 2019 or 2020 Membership Dues for an additional fee.

All proceeds from the sale of AMBA logo cups are designated for the DNA Project costs.

So far we have collected $109 extra in cup sales and would like to have the remaining twenty or so cups gone before the end of the year!

If you have other fundraising ideas, or would like to pledge a percentage of one or all hog sales this year toward the program, we can help.  

Funds marked for Fundraising are ONLY used for that purpose, not office expenses, postage or website fees.


Changes in Leadership

Two of our long standing Breeder Members, elected as Directors. have resigned their leadership roles.  

We were saddened to learn that Sue Franks of Dogpatch Farm in Maine, and Amy Grabish of Grabish Family Farm in California were relinquishing their posts to attend to family and personal needs.  

Join us in wishing them much thanks for their contribution to the AMBA family and the American Mulefoot Hog.


Preparing for DNA Project

It's all about the hogs.  

We will be sending out questionnaires about your specific hogs to be included in the DNA profile of AMBA Breeder Member farms, and need each member to commit to completing and returning.  (Similar format as last AMBA Census)

Having hair samples or DNA metrics without the characteristics that go behind it will give us a blind understanding of our American Mulefoot Hog population.   We need to see with perfect clarity in this regard.

We need to know litter sizes, gender ratios, temperament, litter weights and weight pick ups ... all the stuff that  commercial breeders do that helps them identify the best genetics to build upon.

Once we get this under our belts, we need to begin work on A/I collection throughout our foundation stock.  

Your Opinion Counts

Please feel free to submit questions or concerns about your hogs, your program, or anything else American Mulefoot Hog related to:, and we will attempt to post in blog format with AMBA and our Directors' and Breeder Members' answers or solutions.


Reminder to ALL Breeder Members:
Please submit your sales ad for livestock, feeders, breeders or pork with one clear photo and your contact information for an ad on the website.  

We will do our best to post contact information to the Facebook page and groups, but there are restrictions on animal and animal "parts" sales.

We are here for you.