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From the Director's Desk

Membership Update and Membership Drive

2019 Membership Drive has begun!  Check out the details, including the 2019 Application.

In other good news:

     Our membership began in 2018 with decent numbers:  24 Breeder Members (current in dues), 1 Supporter, 1 Youth/Student Member.

     Currently we have 32 Breeder Members (current in 2018 dues), 2 Supporters and 2 Youth/Student Members.

    A lot of people like to analyze data with interesting charts and graphics ... I just would like to say: Well done, but we've only begun! 


     Thank you to our Breeder Members for supporting this great work on behalf of such a marvelous pig!  Thank you to our Supporters and readers of both our Facebook presence and website! 

     Special thanks to Nathan & Sadie, our Student/Youth members, and Elijah & Jesse, our 4H Registrants! You are the future of the American Mulefoot Hog and AMBA.   Contact us for any helps you may need in your show stall presentations!

Reminder: elections this month!

Projects kicking off!

DNA Testing and Diversity within our herds is important.  

Once you identify a great line, does it make logistical sense to ship the boar or sow from farm to farm, from one coast to the other?  If we were talking about a material thing, sure.  Postage or shipping and handling is much cheaper than trucking a two pound package across regional bounds.  

Adult American Mulefoot Hogs, whether boars or sows, weigh a little more than that two pound package, and won't fit in the USPS delivery jeep, much less the Priority Mail largest box!   Self-trucking costs not only time and money (expenses most smaller farms cannot afford on either end), but puts the animal at stress risk.  

Stress affects health in the long-term, including weight pick-up and fertility, as well as that unseen threat of viral or parasite contamination/cross-contamination.

With all that being said, Linda Cowasjee of Renegade Mulefoot Pigs is scheduling the first AI collection of her 2014 Herd Sire, Gateway Farm's Fred Mertz.  He will be AMBA's first DNA tested (for lineage and fertility/motility)  American Mulefoot Hog.